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Foodie Friday: Infused Water

Happy Foodie Friday Everyone! Today we will be making infused water! I know, I know water is not a food, but it is soooooooooo important to stay hydrated! Drinking water and staying hydrated helps to reduce blood pressure and fatigue, as well as boosting your mood, immune system and keeps your organs (skin, kidneys, brain, liver, etc.) functioning properly. Drinking water has also been proven to aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

Now I've heard it all from my clients..."Water is boring", "I don't like the taste", or "I just don't think about it." You can do it! I have faith that you can. And one way that you can do this is: Infused Water! Infusing your water with tasty fruit and herbs make your boring water more enticing and easy to drink. And making a pitcher full of this makes it easily accessible in the fridge!

Infusions that I suggest & enjoy:

Lemon & Cucumber...i.e. Spa Day!

Lemon & Mint...sooooo refreshing!

Strawberry & Lime...perfect amount of sweetness!

Have fun with infusions and try out new and different mixes. Lemon & lime are great additions because they are a great source of vitamin C and alkalizing.

How to make infused water:

Start by thoroughly washing your fruit and herbs:

Next slice your fruit & herbs.

Place fruit & herbs in containers you wish to use (Mason jars, water bottles, or pitcher).

Fill with water & enjoy!

Be well,


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