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Give yourself permission...

Wow! It’s August…time really flies! This seems to be even more true during these warm, sunny months filled with barbeques, vacations, and outdoor activities!

I find myself getting caught up and taken away by it all and asking myself, “Where did all the time go? I have so much to do!” I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Maybe you can relate?

So, give yourself permission. Don’t fight it. Give yourself permission to slow down. Give yourself permission to take a night off to lie on the couch. Give yourself permission to not cook and to order take out. Give yourself permission to leave the dirty pile of dishes in the sink or the laundry waiting to be done. Give yourself permission to indulge in some ice cream.

We tend to push, push, push….control, control, control and then wonder why we feel stressed, depleted and out of sync. Allow yourself to listen to your cues that tell you that you need a breather; you need a break.

"Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up." -Mike Vance

After you give yourself the permission to relax, wake up the next day appreciating the time you had. Feeling recharged & refreshed, have faith that you will figure everything out by taking one step at a time.

Be well,


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