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Gratitude Wednesday!

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Unsplash

Happy Hump Day!!! You have made it half way through the work week! Awesome job! Pat yourself on the back. No matter what has happened this week, create space to be proud of yourself, your accomplishments and what you have cultivated this week.

If you find yourself feeling down, exhausted, disappointed…honor that. Honor where you are today. To help lift your mood a level, tune in to things that are going well, things that you appreciate or enjoy. Each Wednesday I will be encouraging you to note these elements of your life that you are grateful for. Sometimes this process can seem cheesy or forced, but I promise the more you practice gratitude, the easier and more second nature it becomes.

Today I am grateful for:

  • The gorgeous weather outside

  • Citrusy scent of my candle

  • Birds chirping to wake me up for the day

  • (Per usual) my morning coffee

  • Being able to lead a yoga class tonight

  • Family getting along

  • Interesting book characters

  • New job opportunities

  • Guidance & encouragement from friends

  • Free facial (how did I get so lucky?!)

What are you grateful for? Think about it, write it down, share an Instagram Post #GratitudeWednesday Whatever way works best for you!

Be well,


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