The Five Senses: Summer Edition

Photo by Molly Martirez on Unsplash.

Tuning into the senses can be a great way to be mindful and bring yourself into the present moment. There has been an abundance of research done on the value of mindfulness and meditation. The many benefits include: reduced stress and emotional reactivity and improved memory, focus, and relationship satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, mindfulness does not need to be done on a meditation pillow in silence. It can be practiced throughout our daily lives, by noticing our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surroundings.

Summer is an exciting time to tune in and be more aware of what’s around you! School is out for the summer, the beach, lake or mountains are calling, and the weather is sunny and blissful! What reminds you of summer? Utilize your senses, tune in and enjoy!

Sight: Beautiful sunlight shining on the leaves and reflecting on the water, laughter and play around you, vibrant flowers & colorful clothing.

Smell: Sea salt air, the tropical smell of sunscreen, freshly cut flowers or grass, smoky scents from the barbeque.

Taste: Ripe juicy strawberries, refreshing lemonade or iced tea, BBQ veggies or burgers right of the grill!

Touch: Feel the sand through your fingers or toes, a popsicle stick between your fingers, grass underneath your bare feet, sun warming your skin.

Sound: Ocean waves crashing on the shore, the trickling sound of a stream nearby, wind rushing past you on the lake, children laughing because school is out, the charming tune coming from an ice-cream truck.

Enjoy observing and experiencing!

Be well,


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