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Monday Mantra

Sometimes Mondays can be challenging...most of us get a short break on the weekends and we lose our momentum. That is a GOOD thing! Hopefully that means you were able to slow down, take care of yourself and practice what brings you joy! Setting an intention or mantra can help kick start your day and week! It helps us achieve a healthy mindset.

Mantra initially was used in Hinduism and Buddhism and is usually a Sanskrit word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. However, how I will use mantra here is a statement that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day. This can be anything that you want it to be! Anything that will inspire you, motivate you, or help you to be your best self!

I will be posting my own Monday Mantra's here; feel free to share or create your own! Write it on a post-it on your mirror or desk, save it as the background to your smart-phone, or just remind yourself to come back to this intention throughout the day.

Today's mantra is: "Today I am present and noticing all the miracles around me!"

My hope is that this mantra helps you to breathe, bring yourself back to the present moment and be open to noticing the good around you. I believe miracles happen daily; we just need to be open to seeing them.

Be well,


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