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How To Be Okay with Imperfection

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Wright on Unsplash.

I was reminded this week that it is OKAY to be IMPERFECT.

This is something I have taught myself AND my clients time and time again. It is a concept that I need to be reminded of often. I thought, maybe you do too.

We are human, we are fallible. We get tired, mess up, disappoint those around us and fall short of our expectations. We judge and compare ourselves to others. Social media makes this even more common. When we fixate on our flaws, we tend to become depressed, anxious and exhausted. But there is some good news...we are in this mortality game together. We are all imperfect together.

So how can we get out of our own way?


Forgive those whom disappointed you. Forgive yourself for falling short of your expectations. Forgive your family for causing you stress. Forgive your higher power for not letting things go exactly the way you want them to.


Show yourself some kindness. Life can be hard. The stress and obstacles that arise can be extremely challenging. So be compassionate, be mindful of what is going on, and be kind to yourself while you are getting through today, this week, this month, this year.


Laugh about it. Laugh about how stupid an awkward conversation was. Laugh about how big of a klutz you were today. Laugh about all the things that went wrong today. Find some lightness within the heavy.


Relax, take care of yourself, recharge. Check out this self-care packet for ideas.

Start Over.

Begin again. Choose again. You can do this each day, each hour, each minute. Choose to show up differently, change your mind, or set a new intention.

Rediscover your Values & Passions.

When we are down on ourselves and others, the important things fall into the background. So, rediscover what you value. This handout is a great way to begin: click here. And just do something you enjoy, something that helps you feel like your true self! Only you know what that is for you…gardening, writing, sports, arts & crafts, being outdoors, etc.

Be well,


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