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When self-care is "just one more thing"...

Sometimes life can be overwhelming...

There are so many things on most people's to-do lists today: work, trying to eat healthy, finding time to workout, spending enough time with family & friends, going to the grocery store & other errands, taking care of your loved ones or kids, paying the bills, the list goes on and on!!!

When you become stressed with everything that is expected of you, self-care can feel like just one more thing. When you think of going to the gym, cooking a healthy meal or sometimes even showering... it's too much!

When you begin to feel this way, try these tricks:

  • Get some sleep! When I become overwhelmed, I'm usually not getting enough sleep and I'm exhausted! Go to sleep early tonight...make sure you get 7, 8 or even 9 hours of sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

  • Listen to Music. This adds nothing but good vibes to your day! Listen to some upbeat or relaxing music as you're getting ready in the morning, commuting to work or relaxing before bed. Allow the tunes to wash over you and the music will do the rest.

  • Start small. Drink some warm lemon water to cleanse & alkalize. Check-off one to-do on your list. Light a candle that brings you joy.

  • Dial things back. Have you been over-booking your time? Do you have no time to just relax? Have you been trying to improve your life by changing 20 things at once? Start with one thing! Maybe you start eating breakfast each morning, or go to one exercise class a week?

  • Schedule breaks unapologetically. When you are go-go-go all the time, it's easy to just continue pushing yourself, however, you will end up pushing yourself into depression, exhaustion, and burnout. Take intentional breaks during your day...even if it's just for 5 minutes, or just 1 minute. Decide how to spend this moment whether it is taking some deep breaths, taking a short walk, or looking outside at the world around you.

  • Meditate. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Meditate anywhere from a couple minutes to twenty minutes each day. Tune into your breath, physical sensations, thoughts and feelings. Continue to redirect your attention to the present moment. Relax.

  • Ask for help. Often times we think we need to do EVERYTHING. However, most of the time someone would be willing to help, if we only ask. Delegate a task to a coworker, partner or roommate to help free up some of your time & energy. Allow yourself to be supported.

I hope these tips help you to hit the reset button on your self-care routine!

Check out this self-care packet for more wellness tips!

Be well,


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