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Gratitude Wednesday: Exciting Days To Come

Happy Hump Day!!! How will you cultivate gratitude this Wednesday? If your week has gone anything like mine, it might be dragging. Maybe I'm looking forward to the weekend, feeling overwhelmed by my to-dos or just wanting a day to lounge and re-charge...sound familiar?

One way I know to change my mindset is to focus on how lucky I am, what is going well and what I have to be thankful for. This isn't easy to do, but the more I notice these things, the easier it becomes and the more positive and optimistic I feel. Will you join me?

Today I am practicing gratitude for:

  • Random singing parties with my sister

  • Healthy and yummy meals

  • New exercises that are fun & engaging

  • Looking forward to my best friend's wedding!

  • Teachers helping me find new perspectives

  • Self-Care Breaks: Bubble Baths, Netflix, Yoga, Reading

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Be well,


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