Self-Care Saturday: July 22, 2017

Self-Care Saturdays are an opportunity to check-in: How are you feeling? How is your self-care routine? What are you needing more of? Less of?

It is also a place and time to prioritize your self-care. What can you do today to support yourself? Feel your best?

Personal Self-Care Check-In:

  • A need for more solitude

  • Prioritize mindfulness/meditation

  • Set an intention/positive affirmation for each day

  • Continue to work toward set goals with balance

Self-Care To-do's for Today:

  • Organize/Go through mail

  • Clean

  • Go for a walk

  • Visit farmer's market

  • Spend time with friends

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Be well,


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About the Author

Nora Josephson is a licensed professional counselor, certified yoga instructor, and wellness advocate. She is passionate about teaching others to take care of themselves---mind, body and soul!


Nora received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She then achieved her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Denver. She worked as a counselor in Colorado for four years and received her Professional Counselor License before moving back to California to be near her family.


Self-care and wellness are lifelong practices. Nora’s education, professional experience, and personal practices provide an extensive background to wellness solutions. This blog provides numerous ways to take care of your whole wellness through self-care, hygiene, and wellness practices.


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