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Self-Care Saturday: July 22, 2017

Self-Care Saturdays are an opportunity to check-in: How are you feeling? How is your self-care routine? What are you needing more of? Less of?

It is also a place and time to prioritize your self-care. What can you do today to support yourself? Feel your best?

Personal Self-Care Check-In:

  • A need for more solitude

  • Prioritize mindfulness/meditation

  • Set an intention/positive affirmation for each day

  • Continue to work toward set goals with balance

Self-Care To-do's for Today:

  • Organize/Go through mail

  • Clean

  • Go for a walk

  • Visit farmer's market

  • Spend time with friends

For future Self-Care Saturdays please follow @wellnesswithnora on Instagram! (So that I avoid overloading your email inbox!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Be well,


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